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Feather Razor Blade - Sharp DE Blades Reviews

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September 17, 2015
Will McGee
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Sharp DE Blades Reviews

Personal grooming has seen huge growth over the past two decades and as a result the technology is become very impressive. Razor blades are one area where that is very evident and products like the Feather Razor Blades truly show how far the industry has come.

Those that are used to buying disposal razors, using electric shavers or simply not using a quality brand of safety razor will find a huge surprise waiting for them the first time that they try something like the Feather Razor.

This product is so well-made that it gives a close shave like nothing that you’ve ever experienced before. Your skin will be smoother than it has ever been before. But to understand just how truly amazing razor blades of this type are, you have to understand how they are made. Then we’ll review the feather razor below and see why this particular brand is superior to others on the market.

The Problem: Choosing a Razor Blade

It is no surprise that a person might have a problem choosing a double-edge razor blade, because there are so many on the market now that it can be difficult to know which are good, which are hyped up and which you should just stay away from.

If you are just starting to use a safety razor then your job is even more difficult because you don’t have the experience of having tried a few different brands before you begin. However, that is all irrelevant because the Feather Razor truly is the best there is on the market right now, and the reason is the construction and features.

Construction of the Feather Razor Blades

Feather safety Razor Company.  has made double edge razor blades since 1964.  They are constructed like surgical blades, with the same precision and technology. They are platinum-coated and honed down to the fraction of a millimeter for the perfect shave. When a doctor needs to make an incision, and when a blade going wrong can end a life, he (or she) trusts the instruments that are made the same way as the Feather Razor.

Features of the Feather Double Edge Blades

From one of the most trusted names in razor blade technology – Feather.

  • Comes in a huge package of 50-100 blades so you’ll be using them for a long time before you have to spend money again.
  • Created in Japan and imported here. The Japanese are famous for their precision and level of technology and the import from Japan means you save money.
  • Stainless steel razor blades that are coated with platinum and honed almost to the very molecule. Also, all 100 blades are double-edged.
  • Last 5-10 shaves depending on your beard and hair growth. I even go past 10 sometimes.
  • Constructed with the same machines as surgical blades
  • Inexpensive and more affordable than disposable razors
  • Made with high grade stainless steel
  • They will fit any double edge razor
  • Individually sealed in hermetically paper
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What Customers Are Saying

Rarely do you come across a product that people love as much as the Feather Blade. An overwhelming majority gave this product a five star review on Amazon. In fact, 87% of the people who used it found it worth of a perfect score. The reviews that go along with those ratings are completely raving, and customers are excited about how sharp the blades really are, and how they could tell the difference between Feather Blades and every other blade they tried. Nearly everyone who reviews this product on Amazon has some variation of “this is the best blade” in their review.

As for the 13% who didn’t give the razor a perfect score, nearly all of them gave it a four-star rating regardless. They might have had an issue with a slow shipment or a poorly packaged product, but they still felt that the product deserved high marks. In fact, only 2% of the people who tried these blades didn’t like them. That’s a pretty incredible product.

Are they New Friendly?

Yes they are.  If you go with a safety razor like a merkur long handle or a Edwin Jagger DE89DBL razors are not as aggressive as the others and would work perfectly. I bought both of them when I started out shaving and they were great.  As with any new start into manual shaving you will get some nicks as you shave until you hone in your skills. It's just part of the learning curve.  Anyways, these will work for any experience level!

Feather Razor Blade Usage

Each of the blades are individually wrapped so you need to take them out of the wrapper and install them into our double edge razor. Handle the blades with care as you put them in, they are sharp! ?  I have literally used one blade 12-15 shaves.  I have pretty thin beard hair though.  It will come down to a personal preference as to how often you want to change the blades.  Most people will change them somewhere between 5-10 shaves which seems to be a good number.  At that range you can make a pack of 50 count razors last up to 250-500 shaves.  Try doing that with a disposable razor at a fraction of the price.  This is where the huge saving comes in over disposables. Don't miss that point!

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The Bottom Line: Should You Believe the Hype?

With so many people telling you how amazing these razor blades are and such an incredible price, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out the Feather Blade. You’ll probably need to adjust your style of shaving a bit, because this blade is so much sharper than any others you have tried, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you spent so long shaving with the other brands and you’ll never want to go back to lower-quality blades again. The bottom line is – this product is great and you should buy it!

Article Author
I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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