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What Is The Best Double Edge Razor Blades

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What is theBest Double Edge Razor Blades in 2022?

A common question posed by many new and even experienced wet shavers is what are the top rated double edge blades to use. It is a difficult question to answer. You have to consider that everybody’s facial hair is different – while one person might be struggling with tugging from a dull blade, another might struggle with irritation from a blade that is too sharp. Of course, value and price is also of concern for many.

One way to avoid these issues is to arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge before purchasing the blades you plan to use. In this article we will look at a few of the top performing brands and what exactly they offer in terms of performance and value.

Double Edge Razor Blade Reviews

Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Razor Blades

From a Japanese manufacture, these have been described by some as the “assassin’s blade” of double-edged razor safety blades. They have been making de blades since 1964. Feather are targeting the more experienced user with their hi quality stainless platinum blades who’s coating is narrowed down to a fraction of a millimeter for a perfect shave.

The Feather Company is also well known for making surgical blades and has a process and technology down to a science that is respected within the industry. So, surgeons trust the quality of these blades to be used in surgery. What’s awesome for me and you, is that they use the same process and technology to make the feather de blades. That  my friend is awesome and sharp!

The package normally features 10 blades.Those looking for exceptionally sharp performance should definitely consider the Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Razor Blades and they may be exactly what they are looking for.

Key things to know:

The double-edged razor blades feature Platinum coating that enhances comfort and the blades will fit most traditional razors. Durability is also strong and these blades should last for up to a month in most cases.

The only problem with the Feather hi stainless Platinum razor blades is that they are exceptionally sharp, so you must be very careful with them. There may be better options out there for those who suffer irritation or who are inexperienced shavers

If you are experienced, however, and you are looking for the closest possible shave, these double-edged razor blades give an incredibly sharp, smooth and comfortable result consistently. You can find more information in our feather blades review here.

For Customers:

  •  Perfect for – experience shavers and those looking for the closest possible shaving experience.
  •  Not ideal for – inexperienced and new wet shavers along with anyone prone to nicks and cuts that are inevitable from sharp razor blades.

These are my favorite and go to blades. They are sharp and last a good 10 -15 shaves. I don’t have a really course facial hair so I bet that would drop a few days if I did.

They have a variety of discounted options and packages. You won’t believe how cheap they are either.  I pay more in beer when I go out to eat than a pack of these. ?

Astra Superior Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Astra are one of the brands that seem to be constantly brought up whenever there is a discussion about what are the best double edge safety razor blades to use. They are made in Russia and each blade is individually waxed paper wrapped. Each package normally contains five sealed blades.

Key things to know:

Astra use the highest quality steel when making the blades and promise unsurpassed quality, smoothness, along with considerable durability.

In terms of performance, Astra lie somewhere in the middle ground when it comes to sharpness. This means the blades prove a safe bet for those who suffer from tugging or irritation, but if you are looking for an exceptionally sharp performance and close shave there are other options out there.

Overall, Astra produce a quality double edged blade that that meets or exceeds expectations for the mass majority of consumers. Those looking for some specific performance features may be better off looking at a few other options.

For Customers:

  • Perfect for – those looking for a good all-rounder with good durability that they can rely on.
  • Not ideal for – those looking for the sharpest possible performance or are severely prone to razor nicks and cuts.

You really can’t go wrong with the Astra blades at all. I switch between them and the feather blades all the time to be honest. You can find them discounted on amazon here.

Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades

Merkur’s double-edged razor blades are made in Germany and fit all double-edged razor’s. Again, high-quality steel is used and a pack normally contains 10 blades.

Key things to know:

These double-edged blades are well known for providing good value and are generally seen as mid-ranged blades that compete well with those that are price higher. They may prove slightly unforgiving to absolute beginners but most users should have no problem adjusting.

The Merkur blades deliver a sharp performance but the real selling point is how comfortable they are to use along with the consistency the user gets each and every time. As a German produced product , the quality is never in question either.

It is fair to say that they are not the longest lasting of blades, however, longevity should not be an issue. They are also very reasonably priced.

For Customers:

  •  Perfect for – those looking to move on to sharper blades or who are new to wet shaving and are looking for value for money.
  •  Not ideal for – those who want the highest quality and sharpest performing blades.
  • The question was asked how many shaves to you get with them. It ranged from 5-10 or basically two weeks worth.

Derby Extra Blades

These are double blades as well and are made in Sweden. They are stainless steel and fit all kinds of safety razors.
The Derby razor blades are manufactured with top quality products made from stainless razor blade steel strip. It’s hardened and ground by using advanced equipment for cutting edges that are deposited with chromium ceramic, tungsten and platinum. This creates an optimum edge for strength and longer shaving life.

These are at the lower end of the price scale and I have found they last around 3-5 shaves. I personally used these when they come in a sample back of blades only. I don’t use them on a regular bases as part of my blades I rotated in and out.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Blades

The Wilkinson Sword company is based in the United States and has been making shaving products since the 1950’s. They are no stranger to making DE blades.

These are a bit more pricey but they are made with more quality. This results in them lasting longer than the stainless blades while also delivering an incredibly close shave. They use a triple coating process to resist corrosion and provides less irritation. They use chromium that helps prevent rust corrosion. For the 2nd coating they added ceramic to help make the blade durable. The last coating they added PTFE to help reduce skin irritation.

I have found these blades to last around 5-8 shaves before I want to switch them out for a new blade. Which works out perfect as they last a whole work week for me and I don’t shave on the weekends unless I’m going to church on Sunday or going out on a date with the wife.

Tips to Make Your Blades Last Longer

I wanted to share this easy tip to get more shaves out of your double edge razor blade. After you finish shaving take your blade out of the razor and dry it off so their is no moisture on it. Then put a thin layer of baby oil on both sides of the blade. The baby oil will help prevent any rust from forming and the oil will also help keep the blade sharper for a longer period of time.

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DE Razor Balde Review In Summary

Hopefully you now have some ideas of how to go about finding the best double edged razor blades for you. However, if you are still not sure which blade to go, with how about this – there is a sample pack on amazon that contains 40 different DE blades imported from around the world individually sealed and packed. It even has the popular Feather Merkur blade.

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