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April 4, 2014
Will McGee
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Braun Electric Razor Series Comparison Guide

Don’t just pick any electric shaver! Choosing the right shaver is essential to having the most comfortable and clean shave of your life. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old shaver or find the perfect holiday gifts for men in your life, this article can help you compare and contrast the difference between the Braun series 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 electric shavers.

Choosing the right electric shaver for you, or as a gift for your husband or another man in your life, it’s important to have an understanding of all the options available to you so that you can select the right one for your budget, skin type, and hair type.

While each of the faucets made by Braun are of the highest quality and only made out of the best materials, some shavers are better than others. There is a wide range of options with affordable prices, so there is Braun shaver out there for everyone.

The amount of options can be overwhelming when you’re looking for the right shaver, especially with the many series and models available. It’s worth it to take the time to review everything available so that you can make the most informed decision of your electric shaver purpose. Let’s look over the current series and models of Braun shavers on the market together in this handy guide.

Which Braun Shaver Series Is Right For You?

Series 3

The least advanced technology of all of these models, but still a viable option, is the no-frills series 3 shavers. It has a three blade fixed shaving head. Although the shaving head is fixed all of the shaving elements can move freely which makes for a very comfortable shave. This is not the best shaver for those with extremely irritable skin or sensitive skin. This a good shaver for men with tougher skin.

Why Choose a Braun Series 3 Electric Razor?

The most appealing thing about the series 3 is probably the price. It isn’t the fanciest shaver from Braun, but it efficiently gets the job done and have some great features. The increased battery life and the trimmer attachment is the best thing about the newer models in the series 3 selection, but you will also like the fact that the dry shavers can be used while plugged in as well.

The Series 3 is best for entry-level shavers with light to medium facial hair and without sensitive skin. If you do have sensitive skin and you’re looking for a shaver that is in this price range, this is most likely the best shaver on the market for sensitive skin for the price. The series 5 and 7 are arguably the most comfortable shave out of all of them.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin

In the Bruan Series 3 there is one model that you really want to look at which is The Braun ProSkin 3040s is the premium option out of the series, featuring a slide-out trimmer, a battery indicator, and an additional fifteen minutes of battery life. The additional battery life is one of the best updates with the ProSkin models. Unlike the older models, these newer models come with a convenient cleaning station options. This is a pretty basic entry level shaver but it still gets the job done well and have some great benefits and is braun's cheapest electric shaver series.

At a high level you are looking at a cheap razor that charges in 60 minutes, runs for 45 minutes and has a quick 5 minute charge to get a quick shave in if it's dead. It is water proof as well. What you are lacking from the other higher series is the more advanced technology, more blades and cleaning station options.

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Braun Series 5 Electric Shavers


The series 5 is safe for sensitive skin, but best for moderate to average skin. The series five perhaps has one of the firmest grips, which is perhaps why that design is echoed in the series 8 and 9. It has a pivoting head that allows you to smoothly glide across the skin. Out of all of these models it has the second most powerful motor. This shaver works best on light stubble.

These models are great because they bridge the gap between the bare bones series 3 and the super updated and modern series 7. It is both affordable and functional, making it a good choice for a variety of shavers. They are almost as advanced as the series 7, and some even prefer these because they are almost as good as the 7 but at a lower price. Let's look at the most popular model below.

Braun Series 5 5090cc/5190cc

This shaver lacks the massaging experience of the luxury series 7 razor, but it offers a very high-quality, close and comfortable facial shave that can’t be beat for the price. It’s hard to tell the difference between the sharp and clean shaving heads, but the series 5 costs less.

Note: Cost: The series 5 is less expensive than the series 7.

The replacement blades for this series are also somewhat cheaper than those for the newer models. It is more sustainable and has a better grip that the sleeker, newer models and the LCD screen features an indicator light of a water drop when the shaver needs to be cleaned.

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Has a great built in beard trimmer that is very well engineered and precise. The series 5 includes a travel-lock, which the series 7 does not have. The series 7 makes up for this by making the power button harder to press.

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The Updated Series 5²

The updates in this series were mostly superficial, doing a light makeover of the design of the product. The updated series is easier to understand in terms of the models and unifies the company in terms of style.

All of the models in the updated series are now available as only wet/dry use. This is great because they all have similar features, but the dry models allowed for you to use them while they were charging, while the wet and dry shavers won’t let you shave while it’s charging due to safety hazards (despite being waterproof, the additional safety preventative measure is taken to prevent accidents).

Both the older and updated series 5 use the same sort of shaving head, so there is not much change going on there. The main changes are superficial in the design as well as only the option for a dual purpose wet and dry use shaver. This shaver has the added benefit of having a battery display indicator as well to help remind you to place your shaver on the charger when it’s not in use.

Perhaps the biggest update is the extended battery life. The updated battery lasts for fifty minutes, unlike the series 3 which only last for between 30 minutes and 45 minutes at best. The AutoSense indicators detect the length of your beard and adjust the speed for the length and density of the hair.

Cleaning Station

These are the models that include an automatic cleaning station:

Braun Series 5090cc, 5197cc, 5195cc, 5190cc

Braun has some of the best clean and charge stations available for electric shavers currently on the market. They use an alcohol based solution to efficiently clean the shaver and keep it looking it’s best with very little work on your part.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shavers


The series 7 launched for the first time in 2010 and was an instant hit. It has a sleek, cool-looking appearance first of all. But the best thing about it is what a close and comfortable shave you can get with this razor. The series 7 is by far the most popular, being bought around the world because of its superior quality construction and performance.

The massaging shaving experience is relaxing and luxurious, stimulating the skin circulation for a youthful appearance. It has five adjustable power settings and the motor even adjusts to your beard which is incredibly cool. It is super easy to customize this shaver for your skin and your beard, cutting down on accidental shaving nicks and getting the closest and most comfortable shave of your life.

Braun Series 790cc Wet & Dry

  • Close and comfortable shave
  • Most popular razor
  • Best-selling Braun shaver
  • Massaging shaving experience
  • Five adjustable power settings
  • Waterproof
  • Looks futuristic with LCD Screen
  • Vibrates 10,000 rpm to catch beard hair.

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Note the newest version of the 790cc is wet & dry shaver. They did come out with the Braun 7865cc wet & dry version. At this point you can go with the 790cc now which is a wet & dry electric shaver now.

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Advanced Design And Technology

Built with the most advanced and premium materials they don't hold anything back in this series and it features the  Intelligent Sonic Technology where the shaver vibrates super fast (10,000 micro vibrations) to catch more hair.

Easy Cleaning

The cleaning center has a once touch option that cleans automatically charges, lubricates and dries your braun series 7 shaver. That my friend is straight up awesomeness!

Replacement Parts

If you area previous owner of a series 7 you can read my article on Replacing Braun 7 Shaver Heads to pick the correct model for your shaver.

It also has Three Settings to Personalize:

  1. The Default which is the normal operating mode
  2. Extra Sensitive Setting - an added feature that can benefit men with sensitive skin.
  3. Intensive mode for longer hair growth.

ActiveLift™ Technology

It grab any hairs that are lying flat on your face.
They have put a ton of research into this technology which separates this razor from the others.

OptiFoil™ - for the closest shave

100% Water Proof - so you can wash it and has An advanced battery status indicator.
Another major feature is that it is a Li-on battery which holds its charge over time with no memory effect.
You can charge these shavers within 1 hour as well which is really awesome.

This shaver makes a great gift for husbands who have been using clunky, inefficient shavers for too long, or a great gift for yourself to improve your appearance and the health of your skin and beard. The difference between a regular old shaver and a high-quality electric shaver from Braun is lightyears.

This electric shaver is water proof when unplugged, which is great for when you’re shaving over the sink and risk dropping your new shaver. If you know that you or your loved one is a little clumsy, definitely go for a waterproof shaver or at least a water resistant model. The LCD screen displays the settings, and includes a hygiene indicator which tells you how long it’s been since you cleaned the shaver.

It is a beautiful, stylish, and modern electric shaver--no more rusty old razors sitting around in the bathroom, yuck! The series 9 is more expensive than the series 7 which is why more men choose this one. The series 7 is fantastic for men who easily get razor burn or have sensitive skin, as it smoothly glides over the skin and gives a close and comfortable shave. So what are the differences between the various models of series 7? Well, here’s a few:

Braun Series 9 Electric Shavers

The series nine has an extra blade and is probably the best razor in terms of value and performance, with the most comfortable shave ever. It’s made out of top-of-the line materials and engineered by the passionate team at Braun.

It has the most powerful motor. Visually, it is inspired by the series 5 design, but with an added blade and more features. The series 9 is more expensive than other shavers because it features so many premium features and years of engineering to complete. The series 9 was launched in 2015 and have both old and new models within the series. Here are a few of the differences between the shavers in the Braun series 9 collection.

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Why It Shaves So Well

The Original Series 9 (90xx)

The original series 9 shavers have 2 popular models which are the Braun 9090cc Electric Shaver and Braun 9095 Electric Shaver. While great shavers there are now updated models that fixed some of the issues with them.

The updated Series 9 (92xx)

The goal of the update was the fix some bugs with the shaving head as well as make all of the models have both wet and dry use instead of the option of either or. The other thing that changed is that the wet and dry models will only work cordless, which is a con for some.

  • All models have both wet and dry use.
  • Redesigned shaving head.
  • Wet & dry models will only work cordless.

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The New 2020 Braun Series 9 (93xx)

The new series 9 is updated to resolve any bugs from the first launch, in addition to upgrading and improving the features. Right now the series 9 is not currently available in the United States, but it could be in the future. Currently it is sold in European and Asian countries. The Braun 9390cc is one you will want to buy if you want the newest model. Here are a few of the upgrades made in the new series 9 models.

  • The new battery gives an extended battery life and is 20% larger.
  • Up to sixty minutes of cordless shaving time.
  • Redesigned LED lighting is easier to see.
  • Some new color options.
  • A few cosmetic changes.
  • Titanium coated middle trimmer.

Original 90xx

  • Dry or wet & dry.
  • Fifty minutes of use.

Updated 92xx

  • Wet & dry.
  • Fifty minutes of use.

New 93xx

  • Wet & dry.
  • Sixty minutes of use.

Braun Electric Shavers Series 5 Main Feature Difference

The Braun Series 5 uses it's patented ActiveLift™ middle trimmer and it's  unique OptiFoil™ technlogy that sports 130 small micro movements per second that help lift flat hairs which allows the shaver to get even closer for a a smoother shave.  Now, the biggest difference from the Series 7 is that the Series 5 is equipped with a head that can move 33 degrees more allowing the shaver to follow the contour of your face better. This is definitely great for those who have trouble getting a close shave along the chin and jaw line.

Lastly the OptiFoil™  Foil has larger holes that the series 7 so larger hairs get caught easier and cuts deeper.  So, this is another key point here if you have hair that is thicker than the average guy this could be a better option for you than the series 7 models.

 Braun Series 3 Main Feature Difference

The Series 3 model is definitely toward the guy who needs a touch shaver for a 3 day old beard.  It has newly upgraded the shaver with the Triple Action FreeFloat™ system. The motor is faster and it has a trip action cutting system.
The three blades move independently which follow the contour of your face.  These are definitely the more affordable models of all the series.

Ok below is our chart with all the top shavers from each of the shavers that you can look at.  I hope this helps you find the best shaver for your own use.

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Braun Series Razor Comparison Conclusion

Hopefully after reading this handy shaver guide and reviewing the charts/grafts you have a better idea of the wide range of features and differences between all the models. Just because something is the most expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best and vice versa. The right shaver for you will depend on many factors. The series 3 is great starter shaver and from there it just improves. The series 7 is the best-selling, but many say that the series 5 is actually the best due to it’s better grip as well as other factors.

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I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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