A Review Of The Braun 760cc Electric Shaver- Is It Worth The Money

Braun Series 7 760cc

Braun Series 7 760cc
Braun Series 7 760cc
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Here is a goto electric razor that 1000’s of men love and rely on that cuts .05mm close for a perfect shave.
Feature List

  • Is 100% Waterproof
  • Precision trimmer for side burns
  • AcuLift trimmer to grab flat lying hairs
  • 3 shaving modes (sensitive skin) to follow your head
  • Blades run at 10000 RPMs
  • Technology to increase power on dense beards
  • Shaves close as .05mm!
  • Head Flexes to follow contour of face
  • 50 minute shaving time


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Braun have been getting widely praised by critics and consumers alike for their latest range of electric shavers. They currently have three lines out which they categorize into Series 3, Series 5 and Series 7 – the last of which represents the most advanced premium line.

The Braun 760cc is one of the most exciting products that has come about from the Series 7 line by Braun. Along with the aforementioned intelligent sonic technology, this shaver comes packed with a host of other features.

Their Series 7 line features Braun’s unique intelligent sonic technology which they claim allows 10,000 micro vibrations to help capture more hair with every stroke. This advanced technology is also designed to be the most comfortable shave that they have ever created and is designed and constructed in Germany.

Braun 760cc Electric Shaver Review

Key Features:

  • Cuts hair closer without any agitating, pulling or tugging
  • Braun’s patented power-comb technology – lifts flat hairs and helps in hard to shave areas
  • Unique foil pattern – helps to capture hair that grows in different directions along with shaving closer in fewer strokes

Great Features Indeed…But Does the 760cc Deliver in Practice?

braun series 7 760cc ReviewWell the answer to that question is a resounding yes and the  Braun 760cc has proved to be one of the most exciting and innovative products to come out of the German company in a number of years.

In practice, the sonic technology works extremely well, capturing any stray hairs and proves most beneficial in those trouble areas. The shaver also produces an exceptionally close shave time after time.

The Braun 760cc also proves to be an exceptionally comfortable shave to use every day, which again helps avoid irritation issues that can be a problem with cheaper products.

Many consumers who are moving on from cheaper electric shavers and product lines mentioned the benefits of not only a close shave, but that their skin had improved due to the lack of agitation.

The Pros

  • Cleaning the shaver is easy and the cartridge changing system is simple and fast. It automatically charges when it is placed in the cleaning unit whether or not you actually clean it
  • The battery life of the 760cc proves to be long lasting and is one of the main features users of the shaver were impressed with
  • The shaver is also great looking and is made of top quality material which really does have the premium feel you expect from a German produced product

Is it the Perfect Product?

760cc-cleaning-stationOf course not! There is no such thing as the perfect product – everything as areas where improvement could be made and the Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System is no different. Here are some of the issues that people have had:

  • Its cleaning system is quite loud, which means if you’re living with housemates or scared of waking up your other half, either at night or in the morning, you will have to time when you maintain the shaver. Not exactly something to worry about though
  • The shaver does deliver quality results but the neck has been mentioned as a problem area and many consumers have noted that this area needs to be paid a little extra attention to. No big deal, but something to be aware of before you’re left with a few stray hairs on your neck going off to work in the morning
  • There are a few worries about the parts used to make up the 760cc with some fretting that they are designed to fall apart so Braun can profit on replacements. This is pretty far-fetched as the German produced Braun 760 cc has clearly been designed with a great deal of care. While the need to eventually purchase replacement parts may frustrate some, it does lengthen the life span of the shaver and makes it easier to maintain in top condition

The general consensus among consumers is that the shave quality the Braun 760cc matches its premium price tag. While it takes a certain period time for anybody to adjust to a new electronic shaver once these teething stages are over the Braun 760cc produces consistent results and delivers on the hype.

I do want to add that very important point here about the 790cc which is the next higher model up and is a best seller on amazon.   You might finding yourself wondering what is the difference between the 760cc and 790cc.  So, here is the scoop.

Difference between the 760 and 790?

The 790cc has an option that does a quick clean in 25 seconds, 1 more battery level indicator, extra hygiene status and comes with an extra storage pouch made of leather. The price difference is around $10 dollars. So, for the price of 2 beers you can grab the higher model if you want a few more extras. Again, both of these are awesome so do what works for you.

The Final Word

Overall, the Braun 760 cc electric shaver supplies a premium quality shaving experience and delivers on all the claims and marketing hype surrounding the Series 7 line. It is a consistent shaver that outperforms its competitors that sell at a higher price point. The premium quality and finish delivered means it will take pride of place in your wash bag or your bathroom.

Anybody looking for an exceptional electronic shaver, or anybody looking to upgrade from their current shaver, will do very well to find a better option than the Braun 760cc, which proves it is definitely value for money.

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