Braun Series 7 Replacement Head: Upgrade Your Shaving Experience

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January 28, 2019
Will McGee
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Braun Series Electric Shaver Replacement Heads

If you have been using the Braun Series 7 electric shavers for years and are looking for a shaver replacement head, you have come to the right place!

The Braun Series 7 models are premium electric razors made with sonic technology, making the blades cross-cut at 30,000 times per minute to lift and cut the hair. So, to ensure a close shave and no skin irritation, you need to ensure the blades operate at optimum power. 

Opting for a new Braun Series 7 replacement head will keep your shaver running at its best for the close shave you expect.

There are several models that Braun has come out with over the years. We will look at options to replace your shaver heads for the Braun Series 7000 models.

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How To Replace the Braun Series 7 Shaver Heads?

If you have one of the older models, you have two parts to disassemble. 

First, you need to remove the foil by pulling it off or pushing the release button if you have it. The next step is to rotate the cutter block to 90 degrees and pull off the heads.  Now you can reverse the steps to replace the new electric shaver heads.

If you have any of these models, one of the following replacement heads will work for you.

Series 70s Replacement Blades

For the Braun 70s Series 7 Pulsonic, you can use this cassette 70s replacement pack which is the sliver case model. It will fit Braun Series 7 790cc, 7865cc, 7899cc, 7898cc, 7893s, 760cc, 797cc, 789cc.

Series 70x replacement blades

How Long Before I Should Replace My Shaver Head?

This depends on how often you use it, your beard type, and how well you used the cleaning solution to keep your razor in good shape. 

The average time suggested by Braun to buy a new replacement head is around 18 months of use. It’s time when you feel like you are not getting a close shave as you usually did. If your profession requires you to shave daily and look sharp each day or you simply want the closest shave possible, I would shoot for every six months, as new blades will cut 25% better than the older blades.

Series 70B Replacement Blades

The Braun Series & Prosonic Pulsonic 70B cassette replacement will also fit the Braun 760, 790, 799, and 797, which are black-colored models.

series 70b replacement blades

Why Should I Replace My Braun Electric Shaver head?

Since you pay a high sum of money for electric shavers like the Series 7 790 models, you would like to know why you’d have to replace them with new electric shaver foil heads.  

On average, over 18 months of normal use, you will have cut over 6 million hairs with it. You also have to think about how many times you cleaned it over that time.  Over time, the cutting parts start to wear and lose their sharpness. So, just like everything else, it wears over time, which is normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know what to buy: the 70s or the 70B replacement blades?

If you have the silver handle model, you will need the 70s, and if you have the black series 7 handle, you will want the 70B replacement foil and cassette.

  1. Does it come with both the Cutter head and foil?

Yes, you will have both parts to replace your shaver heads with.

  1. Which is the correct replacement head for the older 760cc model?
    The 70s Pulsonic head is the correct replacement for the older 760cc model.
  2. Which replacement head do I pick for the original Braun Series 7 790cc?
    You should pick the silver one with the 70s Pulsonic head.

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