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Panasonic Arc 5 Vs Braun Series 9 Razor Differences

Panasonic Arc 5 Vs Braun Series 9

Panasonic's Arc 5 shavers is one of the best affordable electric shaver available for more than a decade. We've seen numerous improvements throughout this time, ranging from fully new shavers to modest cosmetic changes. And the latest version of the Arc 5 series was launched (exclusively) in Japan in June 2021.

These new shavers, unofficially known as the Panasonic Arc 5 revision G, feature a revised outer foil that could contribute to a major improvement in one critical area. I was quite pleased about this update because I owned and used several of the prior models. I will shaver the information I have researched about the new Panasonic Arc 5 2021 (ES-LV5U) and everything you need to know in this review.

Whether you're seeking to buy your first Arc 5 or wondering if it'll be a worthwhile upgrade for your previous Arc 5, this review should be useful. I'll also provide pointers for current Arc 5 owners and some (less expensive) options.

Panasonic Arc 5 Feature List

Key Features:

  1. A new five-bladed shaving unit

The huge head with 5 distinct shaving components has always been the Arc 5 series' trademark. Until recently, that was the highest number of cutters you could find on a foil shaver (alongside Xiaomi's 5-blade razor). A new central trimmer, which could increase the shaver's effectiveness with longer facial hair, distinguishes the 2021 Panasonic Arc 5 from prior models.

The Arc 5 has always looked impressive on short stubble but struggled when shaving a 3-day beard, especially if the hairs held steady on the skin. Panasonic officially mentions this new cutter on its product website and claims it is superior.

  1. Shaving head with a high degree of flexibility

The huge Panasonic Arc 5 head is the outstanding electric shaver. For example, the small and powerful motor is housed within the real head, allowing for direct and dependable power and torque delivery. However, it may also move and bend in all directions. Panasonic refers to it as a Close contact 5D head, which we've also seen in earlier generations. However, I like the simpler method employed by Braun, for example.

It can get a little unstable, but you can lock it in place using a switch on the rear of the head. The 5 blades can move freely (along with the rest of the head), but their range of motion is still too limited in my view, and it requires a significant amount of pressure to move them.

  1. Motor with 14 000 CPM

Concerning motors, Panasonic is on a different level than the other manufacturers. That is my assessment after examining hundreds of shavers at different prices. Panasonic's units are extremely powerful, punchy, and dependable and have been regularly tuned and enhanced over the years. The Arc 5 ES-LV5U and the other 2021 revision G models are driven by a 14 000 CPM (cycles per minute) linear drive motor performing admirably.

  1. Sensor for beard density

The 2021 Panasonic Arc 5 has an always-on beard density sensor, just like the previous generation 3 iterations. The manufacturer claims that this sensor will read the density of the stubble and alter the motor's power output accordingly. When shaving a softer beard, the motor should run slower, while shaving coarser hairs should run quicker. I've never found this technology used, but it's here to stay. Other shaver manufacturers, such as Braun and Philips, have also come on board.

You could switch it off and shave in full power mode on some older Arc 5 generation 2 machines (Panasonic ES-LV65, ES-LV95). You can't do that any longer, but to be honest, I didn't find this shaver any less effective as a result.

  1. Wet/dry and dry-only applications

The Panasonic ES-LV5U is a wet/dry shaver that works with shaving cream/gel or in the shower. I wanted to acquire this one specifically since I prefer shaving wet (for increased closeness and comfort) when I have more time to spend. On the other hand, the wet/dry variants can only be used cordlessly. I don't mind because I've never shaved with the cable plugged in, but if it's a must-have feature for you, there are other Arc 5 models in this lineup that will function corded as well (Panasonic ES-LV7G, Panasonic ES-LV5G).

The disadvantage is that you must shave dry as a safety measure, even though they are waterproof and can be washed with water.

  1. Other characteristics

A 3-minute quick charge function, universal voltage adaptor (100-240v), pop-up hair trimmer, and a 3-level battery indicator (save for the LV9U's display, which has 5 levels) are also notable features.


1. Panasonic's units are extremely powerful, punchy, and dependable and have been regularly tuned and enhanced over the years


1. Closest and fastest electric shave Excellent wet and dry shave performance Sleek design
2. Larger Braun Shaving Head Models Are More Comfortable

Last Thoughts

If you want the fastest and closest shave possible, the Panasonic Arc5 is one of the best electric shaver. The five cutting parts effectively cut hairs that fall in multiple directions while reducing the number of passes required over the same region.

Unfortunately, superior shaving performance comes at a cost. It takes time and is not as comfy as the Braun Series 9 or 7. The broad shaving head might be difficult to use around the mustache and sideburns, and the foils can become warm with lengthy usage.

Braun Series 9 Feature List

Panasonic Arc 5 Razor differences

The Braun Series 9 9390c is one of the Best Braun Series 9 Shavers Available. The 93 series is excellent and offers some of the best foil-style electric shaver alternatives available today. While the plastic construction may not appear to be premium for the price, this foregoes fancy appearances and metallic shells in favor of sheer shaving prowess. This includes an amazing four-layer shaver head, intelligent adjustment to facial hair length, and a convenient automatic cleaning mechanism.

This best budget electric razor works in dry and wet conditions and even on head shaving, making it a true all-arounder. That being said, it will just be for a close head shave. Check out the best beard trimmers if you have longer hair (opens in new tab). If you prefer to keep it manual and close, the best razor alternatives are for you. With that in mind, read on to see if the Braun Series 9 9390c is right for you based on the Braun Series 9 9390c review.

Braun Series 9 9390c Key Features

The Braun Series 9 9390c isn't the best quality-feeling electric shaver on the market. It looks good, but it's made entirely of plastic rather than metal, as you might anticipate. That said, it's light and solid, so it's not a significant deal in appearance.
There is a lock switch on the multi-head top. This may be changed out for attachments, some of which are supplied, so you can use it to tidy your hair. Additionally, a travel lock is perfect for flights and activates with a three-second press. The head can be locked into five distinct positions or let freely rotate.
This is fantastic if you find one that suits you the best or want the freedom to make it fit you. However, this pleases. The battery life and cleaning reminder are prominently displayed on the LED display, which is clear.
On a full charge, the Braun Series 9 9390c has a battery life of 60 minutes. That is a 10-minute improvement over previous versions and ones in the lower range. Therefore, you should have two to three weeks of consistent shaving before recharging the shaver, either directly with a cable or through the vacuum line.
You can see where you stand about power thanks to the battery level indicator, which uses five bars, each displaying 20 percent of the battery. From empty, a full charge takes about one hour.
Shaving performance is comparable to previous Braun Series 9 models.  That is beneficial. Even though the iron teeth appear intimidating, the shave is extremely comfortable. You can use lotions and gels and shave in the shower because it works in wet or dry conditions. While mild and not inflicting razor burn, this does cut close even on more delicate skin.
With this shaver, those four layers to the head gather even the more elusive whiskers and cut them down. Additionally, it takes up hairs that are flat or grow in various directions. So that you don't have to drive over a region repeatedly, it does this right away. However, if you exert extra pressure and concentrate on a particular location, it. Even in more challenging locations like the neck and beneath the chin, the result is a very close shave.
  1. Effectiveness
Although I'm usually dubious of claims like "most efficient," in this instance, after using the Braun Series 9 Pro for a while, I do. My shave time was reduced compared to the razor I was using, which was not a Braun (the brand is keen to point out that their efficiency claim is only compared to their models). It now takes only about three minutes to conduct a full dry shave, unlike the traditional five. Additionally, although I shave every day, I was able to verify the stubble claim. I had roughly four days of beard to deal with following a sick episode that caused me to spend three days in bed.
The Series 9 Pro produced the same closeness and smoothness I get every day without the need to prolong the procedure or re-shave a number of different locations. Even without having to go back several times to clean it up, the sideburn remover option gives me the quickest, most precise cut I've ever had with an electric razor. Value There is no doubt that this is a high-end luxury electric razor, and the pricing reflects that, but if you want the best results, you'll need to be prepared to spend a little money.
The entry-level model costs $299, the SmartCare Center model costs $329, and the top-tier model, which includes both the SmartCare Center and the Power Case, costs $349. I think it's worth waiting for the Power Case alone because it's such a game-changer, especially if you travel frequently.
However, the Power Case model is now sold out. I know it seems expensive to spend so much on a razor, but in my experience, not only is the shave with this razor consistently superior, but you also save time, which, let's face it, is priceless.

1. Stylish and opulent style
2. With new shaving technology, shaving is closer and more effective.
3. Capable of managing both short and lengthy beards
4. You may now lock the shaver head in position for those more difficult locations.
5. Intelligent cleaning system that also lubricates and charges
6. Comes with a travel case and has a lock feature for secure travel.


1. The same number of passes as with other electric shavers.
2. You must pay a fee for this fantastic shaver.

Last Thoughts Thanks to its clever charging stand and cleaning station in one, the Braun Series 9 Pro is a great electric shaver that is well-designed not just for its appearance but also for its shaving performance, shaving comfort, ergonomics, and post-shaving experience.If you don't shave for a few days, the Braun Series 9 Pro will still work perfectly in terms of performance, cutting both short and long hairs with ease.

Electric Shavers for men: Buying Guide

Need to get some additional guidance? Please get in touch with us if you need assistance finding the ideal electric shaver.


The market for electric shavers has several significant manufacturers; the most well-known are Philips and Braun. We always advise picking a trustworthy and respected brand when shaving something as valuable as your face, and we are delighted to have the largest collection of branded shavers online.
It is mainly a personal preference for men to favor one brand over another. But generally speaking, Braun dominates the market for foil shavers, while Philips is the market leader for rotary shavers.

Rotary vs. Foil

There are two types of electric shavers: rotary and foil. A thin, curved metal foil covers a cutting blade in a foil shaver. The foil moves back and forth over your face's contours as the blade slices stubble and pierces the perforated foil. Foil shavers are fantastic if you desire a close shave daily and have a shorter, thinner beard. As they tend to be less abrasive on the skin, they are also preferred by men with delicate and sensitive skin prone to razor burn. Pay special attention to your technique and use a high-quality shaving preparation product if you have sensitive skin.

On the other hand, a rotary shaver contains three or four round heads that are easy to move in a circular motion around your facial features. Hair is chopped while cutters spin beneath the heads and move over the face. Men who don't want to shave daily and have slightly longer mustaches typically prefer rotary shavers.


Your choice of the unique electric shaver will likely depend on your lifestyle. They might be mains powered, battery driven, or rechargeable. Rechargeable shavers are perfect for use on the go since they provide you the freedom and convenience to shave whenever and wherever you want. However, the battery life may become an issue if you have to recharge it too often.

Dry vs. Wet

The choice between wet and dry shaving is another important one. Many guys prefer the speed and convenience of a dry electric shaver since it is the fastest and cleanest shaving method. Some electric shavers may be wet and dry, offering the best of both worlds when using shaving gel or foam.


Electric shavers come in a wide range of price ranges; a good one can cost anywhere from £50 to $300. Spending as much money as possible on a decent razor is worthwhile because it will endure for many years if properly maintained.

FAQs((Frequently Asked questions)

Can you get cut by electric shavers?

Yes, an electric razor can still result in minor cuts and even painful burns. Compared to using a razor blade, it's much less likely to occur, although it is still possible. The easiest method to prevent this is not to apply excessive pressure.

Small pieces of skin tissue that cover the hair follicles or other minor skin flaws may protrude through the holes and slots and be sliced by the blades if you apply too much pressure.

Is it necessary to wash your face before using an electric razor to shave?

You shouldn't wash your face or take a hot shower shortly before your shave if you're planning to shave dry (as most users will). Results will suffer as a result of this. Your skin should be as dry as possible for the best dry shave.

Do you still need to apply an aftershave with electric razors?

You don't require an aftershave, although it is strongly advised to use one, whether an electric or manual razor, to shave. Your regimen should include a post-shave treatment because the skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized after a potentially irritating procedure.

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 Braun Series 9 vs Panasonic Arc 5 Razor Summary

Hopefully you have a better idea of the differences between these two luxury electric razors. It is an expensive purchase so I’m glad you took the time to do more research to figure out which one you would like to buy. Best of luck and happy Shaving!

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