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Best Shaving Gifts For Men

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November 23, 2016
Will McGee
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Best Shaving Gifts For Men In 2022

If you are looking for that perfect shaving kit for a gift to buy for your husband, dad, boyfriend or grandpa then you will love this quick list of the best shaving gifts for men.

There are a few considerations that you will want to consider which is going to be the price and type of shaving that you want to purchase for.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wet Shaving

I'm sure this would be a confusing area for anyone to purchase a gift in this area. The main products that make up this type of shaving will include the following items that you need to look for.  You will want to include a safety razor, shaving brush and shaving stand.   So, let's briefly look at what each of them are so you understand their purpose. I promise I'll be brief and to the point.

Safety Razor - Ok, people refer to this as what they saw their grandpa shave with. It's usually a two piece razor that uses a double edge safety razor blade to shave with. It's really a brilliant way to shave too. You save a ton of money by not buying replacement blades that are really expensive that they do with the cheap disposable plastic razors. These double edge blades can be purchased for the price of one replacement cartridge that will last for months!  I'm talking 3-4 months. That's a huge savings.

Shaving Soap - These usually come in a bowl or puck type form. They are also really low priced and last for months. For example, my Prorasco soap bowl last 4 months before I had to get a new one. You just can't beat that and the cost is so low that it beats any price you would pay for shaving gel  to use with the disposable razors.

Shaving Brush - Ok, this just what it sounds like. It's almost like a make up brush. Most of them are made out of boar bristle hair. You run the brush under hot water, swirl it around on the shaving soap puck to create the lather. Then you apply to your face. It's that simple. These last for years and again are really low priced.

Shaving Stand - Last up is the stand. You hang your razor and shaving brush on the stand. Some of the stands have a place to store the shaving soap as well. They can come in many different styles. You really cannot go wrong buying one of these to be honest. It usually comes down to a personal look you want and price.

3 gifts For Men For Their Birthday, Christmas and Any Occasion.


Gift Ideas for Electric Shaving

This is totally different than the wet shaving style. Here you have men that just want to use the electric razor and not worry about using a safety razor or disposable razor because of it's simplicity.  Now, the thing about buying an electric shaver as a gift for your man, you need to know the different types of electric shavers to choose from and the price ranges they come in.

Types of Electric Shavers

Rotary - So, with these type of electric shavers the blades rotate in a circular motion to pick up the hair and cut it. Most men like you shave in a circular motion with it. You will find a really wide price range in this type of electric shaver too. You can find these as low as $30-300 dollars in price range. The popular brand names will be Norelco, Remington and Panasonic.

They main buying points you want to consider are the following: Cord VS CordlessShave in the shower with it (wet shaver), how long in minutes you can shave with it (charge time), pop-up trimmer and price.

Foil shavers - So, the foil shavers literally have a foil over the blades with small holes over it. They vibrate back and forth to lift the hair to cut it. You also shave with an up and down motion with it.  Foil type of electric shavers are more pricey. They start around $49 - $399.

So the main buying points for this type of shaver is how fast the motor goes in rpms, does it come with a cleaning station and price.

Here are 3 of the best electric shavers you can buy below.

Other Gift Idea Choices

I also have a few references for you that you can do more research here on my site that will give you more ideas on a a gift to buy your man!

You can see the whole list and drill down into a detail review for each one. So, if you want to look at safety razors I have a great article on the best rated safety razors here.  Read my article on electric shaver reviews here if you want to see a wide price range of electric shavers and models from all the manufactures.  Here is a review of the best shaving soaps to read and here is a list of the best double edge razor blades to use. Ok lastly, you can read about top rated shaving brushes here.

Shaving Gifts For Men Summary

Hopefully that will give you some gift ideas to buy for boyfriend, dad or husband that they will enjoy and love getting. If you have any questions please hit me up in the comment section.

Article Author
I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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