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Top Rated Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Nose Facial Hair

Article Author
December 2, 2013
Will McGee
Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Trimmer


Aaah, facial hair!  In the right trim, it can make the man, giving off the allure of rugged sex-appeal, weakening the ladies at the knees, and increasing our ‘stud-factor’ self-belief from the attention of those who rightly appreciate our handsome but maturing looks.

Feature List

  • Nose and ear hair, details eyebrows, beards
  • Nasal hair trimmer cleaning in seconds
  • Powered with one AA-size battery
  • Easily and comfortably trims in the shower or trims dry
  • cleaning brush for quick maintenance

At least, that’s how things appear to be on the surface.  How quickly stud can turn to thud, when someone not so kindly points in our direction and mockingly proclaims the words that none of us wants to hear; “you have hair in your nose and ears.”

Whether cruel or not, sometimes it takes the words we don‘t want to hear to encourage us to prioritize our grooming and, to do so, it’s important that we be equipped with the right set of tools.

That said, men’s grooming can be a very personal matter, with some of us finding it to be more of a challenge than we like to admit. However, if you’re equipped with a reliable device like the Panasonic ER-GN30-K, then this task can become much less demanding to the point of trimming every day, and beneficial in keeping those unwanted hair comments well and truly at bay.

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Panasonic ER-GN30-K Main Feature Review

Like your typical facial product hair trimmer, the Panasonic ER-GN30-K does its job; it grooms and trims facial hair. Forget about tiny scissors with sharp ends, this trimmer will smarten the hair at the nose, ears, eyebrows and beard easily thanks to its compact design and key features that include the following;

  • The name of the ER-GN30-K is kind of a giveaway here - the nose facial hair trimmer is 100% waterproof, so you can submerge it or put it in running water anytime. This makes it easy to maintain, and makes it functional and flexible in terms of where and when to use it.
  • The ER-GN30-K nose trimmer comes with its own special cleaning system. This vortex allows for thorough and simple cleaning, giving it major plus points in terms of usability and maintenance. With only one hand you can immerse the tool in water and the cleaning system automatically pulls water in from the sides, spinning it through the unit and then ejecting it from the top.
  • A rotary cutting system that boasts dual-edged, stainless steel hypo-allergenic sixty degree blade for safe and fast trimming capabilities. The hypo allergenic feature is important in preventing allergic reactions that can occur with regular blades.
  • Requires one AA battery for 90 minutes of trimming.

Pros and Cons


So far we’ve made this trimmer sound pretty good.  Let’s see how it stacks up in terms of benefits;

  • User-friendly – you can put the manual away with this one; the ER-GN30-K functionality makes it very easy to use and maintain. No complicated technology here.
  • Portable and ergonomic – The ergonomic design is a big advantage, making the trimmer an easy travel companion for use anytime. It is easy to handle and comfortable to use.
  • Durable – even thick nose hair can’t slow this trimmer down, with its ‘no yank no tug’ mow-through ability.
  • Noise controlled – a gentle humming is produced when in use as opposed to the loud buzzing sound of many other trimmers.
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No product is perfect, and the drawbacks attributed to this trimming model include;

  • Flimsy make – the plastic shell of the ER-GN30-K is somewhat on the flimsy side, so you won’t want to drop it on a hard surface.
  • Blade life - to ensure its longevity, the blades will require replacement every 3 months.

What Customers are saying about it?

Fast and easy are the key words for consumers when it comes to stating what they want from their gadgets, and that’s what most users of the Panasonic ER-GN30-K are highlighting about this product.

Especially appreciated is the easy clean feature which means that it can be run under water or disassembled for an even deeper clean. Additionally, there are very few complaints about its trimming capabilities, with most users being pleasantly surprised with its gliding capacity to trim the tricky areas without tucks and pulling sensations on the skin.

There have been very few concerns expressed about the Panasonic ER-GN30-K, other than from those who claim that the product stopped working shortly after removing it from the packaging. Whether this is a manufacturing issue is open to debate, with most customers praising the long life of the product and the value received for the price.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Review Summary

If you’re in need of a top-rated trimming device that does its job remarkably well, then this could be the product for you. Compact, easy to clean, long-lasting and, most importantly, gentle on the skin, the Panasonic ER-GN30-K ticks the boxes for those with little time for bulky and complicated tidying facial tools.

Affordable and safe, this lightweight player in the men’s grooming market is gaining traction among a growing fan base. With so much in its favor, it’s easy enough to see why so many users recommend this trimming tool so highly.

Article Author
I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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