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4 Essential Shaving Tips For Men

Article Author
May 1, 2016
Will McGee
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Shaving is an art. There is definitely something manly about being able to take care of one’s appearance.

Shaving can also be a hassle…if you’re doing it wrong.

Unfortunately, most men don’t know the first thing about a proper shave. Grabbing your razor and raking it across your face while you’re running out the door is not how it’s done. So, today I’m going to provide you with a few shaving tips for men.

These tips are designed to help you improve how you look and feel on a daily basis, so don’t take them lightly.

It’s important to not only understand these shaving tips, but apply them regularly in your everyday life as well. Your face will thank you for it later!

Lubrication is Key

Do you like an uneven, patchy shave? Do you like harsh razor burn? Me neither. The #1 shaving tip for men (and women for that matter) is to NEVER shave dry skin. We offer reviews on an array of wet shavers, including many electric razors(so be sure to check them out).

If you want to not only look your best, but feel your best as well, some sort of lubrication will be needed in order to reduce friction on the face. This will ensure a closer shave and a much more professional appearance.

Moisten the face with hot water prior to a shave to soften the hairs. This will allow for a cleaner, less resistant cut. Hot water will also open the pores, allowing the skin to breathe.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Soap or Cream

Imagine a time before shaving cream came in the form of a foam dispensed from a pressurized can. How did their faces survive in such backwards times? Quite well actually. Let’s be 100% upfront about this; though the VAST amount of shaving product on the market today is labeled as “shaving cream”, it is in fact a shaving foam. It is important to discern between the two.

One comes in a pressurized can and expands like a fluffy marshmallow, the other is a cream that is typically thicker, and comes in a tube or jar and are ready to be whipped into a lather using a brush or your fingers.

Shaving foam manufacturers began stuffing their foam product into pressurized cans because it’s cheap to produce, at the expense of a close shave for their consumers.

If you’ve ever gone to a barbershop that offers to shave their clients, you will notice that they do NOT use a foam product that comes from a can.

Instead, they will use cream or some sort of a soap.

In some parts of the world, it’s difficult to find shaving creams and soaps at the local store. Your best bet is to ask your barber or a chemist.

Have Fun With It

Most men look at shaving as an unfortunate chore. Instead, view it as a hobby that better prepares you for the day. Your professional life may depend on it…

In a study that survey conducted by Harris Interactive, found that 84% of the 500+ HR professionals they questioned, agreed that a well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder much faster than their less groomed counterparts.

Another study conducted by the prestigious Wharton School of Business, in Pennsylvania, discovered that men with shaved heads are perceived as more dominant, more masculine, and more suited for leadership roles.

Shaving is an activity that lends a direct benefit to your professional life, so don’t look at it with disdain, or half ass your daily shaving routine. Instead, make it a positive experience that will inevitably bring you closer to your working goals.

Hydration Post Shave

Once you’re done with the shave, splash some cold water on your face to rinse off excess cream and to close up the pores. The cold water will also help reduce any irritation that shaving may have caused. After all, there’s nothing worse than showing up somewhere with razor burn. It’s unprofessional and looks as if you can’t take care of yourself.

Adding an alcohol free balm or an after shave can’t hurt either. Skin treatment does not end once the razor is put away and the face is dry.

No, no, no. In order to maximize the look and texture of your skin, you should continue to keep it hydrated with some sort of moisturizer or hydrating toner. This will make shaving even easier the next time you pick up the razor.


Shaving doesn’t have to be a painful, arduous activity that you dread every day. When done correctly, shaving is a simple task that can be downright enjoyable. You should look forward to your daily shaves and invest in your face. In fact, you should look forward to your next shave because now you know how to do it right!

Article Author
I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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