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Muhle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor R89

The Muhle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor, R89 is a product of Muhle Company, a respected company that has been making shaving products since 1945. Muhle has done a lot to make the Closed Comb DE Safety Razor R89 one of the most exceptional razors on the market. Its handle is chrome plated to not only give it an elegant look but ensure it lasts a long time, due to a rust resistant surface.

Feature List

  • Aggressive Razor but Well Balanced
  • Handle is 3.5 Inches Long
  • Chrome Plated Metal
  • Weighs About 80 Grams
  • 3-Piece Razor

The time of single edge razors are finally over. Most of the razors that were used in the past were unsafe and harsh on the skin.

It would only take a few days before one starts noticing rashes all over the face and the blade would last for only one shave.
With the double edge blades, you can shave many times with one blade and your skin will remain smooth and nick free.

If you are a seasoned shaver or an enthusiastic beginner ready to enjoy a clean shave and are looking for the best razor to add to your collection, try the Muhle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor.

You will find that the Muhle DE Razor will be one of the best investments you will make and your face will be proof of its quality.

Replacing the blades is an effortless and safe process with this razor. You just unscrew the top, remove the old blade and put a new one in the razor slot. Most conventional blades are supported and they don’t move about during the shaving process.
The quality of this razor’s handle deserves to be mentioned.

It is stylish with a reflective surface to make it appealing to the eyes. The engraving on its surface ensures the user acquires a firmer grip even though the razor is wet and soapy.

A good razor is supposed to have a good weight to offer proper balance. The weight of this razor’s head and handle are ideal for you experienced shavers.

It is very light but heavy enough to provide you with sufficient pressure that helps you to get a close, smooth shave. After you have used this razor a few times, you will get the “right feel” and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Muhle Razor R89 is inexpensively priced despite being a high-quality product. Don’t let the price fool you. Nevertheless, we always get what we pay for. It’s just that some products like this razor always go a notch higher to give us something extra.


  • Provides a Clean Shave, Free From Irritation
  • Suitable for New Users as Well As Seasoned Users
  • The Closed Comb Makes the Razor Efficient
  • Blades Changing is an Easy Process
  • The Razor Comes with a Single Blade.

In the shaving world, sometimes what turns out to be a great product for one person can be totally different to another. In other words, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Be assured, this razor is TOP quality and will last for years.

Customer reviews

Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor is without doubt would be a satisfactory purchase for many men. If we go by the review statistics on Amazon. There are over 100 reviews for this razor and out of that figure, 82% left a five stars rating, 8% a four-stars and 5% a 1-star review. This means 90% of the clients on Amazon were very satisfied with purchasing this razor.

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If you are looking for the best double edge razor, I’d advise you not to look any further than, Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor Judging by the reviews on Amazon, the odds are that you will be pleased with this razor.

It guarantees a professional close shave that will leave your face looking smooth and feeling soft. The razor changing process is also a simple one. If this isn’t what you are looking for, check out our other DE Safety Razor Reviews.

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