Philips 7300 Norelco Beard Trimmer - 18 Settings

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December 23, 2015
Will McGee
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Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 allows you to achieve perfectly even stubble with its new technology that does not make a mess while trimming due to its vacuum system that captures cut hair for superior convenience and cleanliness.
Feature List

  • 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch with 18 Trimming settings
  • Mustache Trimmer
  • Vacuum system to prevent mess
  • Stubble setting for 5'oclock shadow look
  • 75 minutes of shave time

The Philips Norelco trimmer has 18 length settings for the perfect look you’re going for. Special stubble comb and LED display provides for the exact look you want, even if it changes from day to day.

The norelco 7300/qt4070 comes with a vacuum system, making it easy to trim your facial hair without leaving a mess behind you in the sink. This model features a turbo button that boost the cutting speed at crucial moments that you need the power.

Includes and runs on lithium battery power for long-lasting cordless use and a super-fast charge. Side note the model used to be called the Philips Norelco QT4070 and has not changed to 7300, just so you understand it's the same beard trimmer.

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Norelco 7300 Beard Trimmer Features

  • World’s only stubble trimmer integrated vacuum system
  • 16 settings for the perfect stubble or beard length from one day to the next
  • 1/64-inch stubble setting
  • Turbo boost button for when you need extra power
  • LED display
  • Stubble comb
  • Portable with long-lasting charge
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Mess-Free, Maintenance-Free Beard & Stubble Grooming

Your days of leaving a mess behind you in the sink are over. The Philips Norelco 7300 features a unique, integrated vacuum system that captures hair inside of the trimmer handle as you trim your beard. It never has the chance to go any further. The entire system requires no oiling or other maintenance and the blades stay sharp.


18 Secured Length Settings

Evenly trims your beard from 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch with 16 settings in between. It's easy-to-use zoom lock secures your selection, while its bright multi-function LED display shows the length of the setting you’ve chosen.

The adjustable comb guides the blades to gently follow the curves of your face. If you’re after the five o’clock shadow look, the convenient stubble setting allows you to trim down to 1/64 of an inch, perfectly even every time.

Turbo Power Button

If you have thick hair or problem areas of your beard, the Philips Norelco 7300 features a turbo power button boost that increases speed and cuts through any difficult areas that it comes across.

Portable and Long-Lasting

Conveniently designed to be used with or without the cord, the trimmer gives you the freedom to groom wherever, whenever. The trimmer offers a lock that keeps it from accidentally turning on during travel, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go men.

Its powerful lithium battery provides 50 minutes of cordless grooming on a one-hour charge. Multi-functional display reveals the battery level so that you can tell when it’s ready for use.

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Some Drawbacks

Some reviewers have also left a few complaints about the product, and we will discuss some of them now for the benefit of our readers.

The most common complaint about the Norelco 7300 was with regard to its design, with several buyers stating that the guide design is flawed and that it caused them to cut their lips when trimming. This was a real let-down to buyers who had moved up from the less expensive Philips Norelco product and were looking for better features with more convenience.


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Another common thread through the reviews was about the uneven grooming that they got as a result of the five o’clock shadow setting. Buyers mentioned that the end result was stubble with longer hairs which was not the look they were going for.

Finally, some customers were not pleased with the quality of the trimmer and stated that their item broke within a short amount of time, but that they liked the trimmer up until the time that it broke. Some of the buyers were not happy with the level of customer service from Philips Norelco when contacting them about their item.

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The Positive Norelco 7300 Reviews

Despite the negative comments about the Philips 7300 trimmer that we have just discussed the majority of the customer feedback has been very positive and 49% of the reviewers have given the product a 5-star rating.

What has really impressed buyers about the trimmer was the excellent, even trim that they got from the product time after time. Many reviewers stated that they could count on the same exact look every day, without worrying that it would come out uneven.

Many customers mention in their reviews that 7300 model has fixed the flaw in the design of the guide, which was the cause of much of the negative ratings. These customers said that with the new guide design, the trimmer glides along the contours of their face without the previous problem. Some customers who originally left the negative review sent their product back for the upgrade and were fully satisfied.

Buyers liked the 18 different settings that allowed them to change their look from time to time and easily go back to their original setting for the look they most often wanted.


Would we recommend the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 to our readers?

Yes, and here is why:

Although there was originally quite a bit of negative feedback for the product’s design, Philips Norelco made a quick fix to the design that buyers really liked, and they allowed buyers of the old product to send theirs back for a replacement. This change made a big difference in customer satisfaction, which gives us the confidence to recommend this trimmer to men who are looking for a terrific beard and stubble trimmer.

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