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Braun Series 9 9095cc Electric Razor Review

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March 5, 2019
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Braun Series 9 9095 Razor

A German brand, Braun is a well-known brand when it comes to making electric shavers. Coming up with a dark grey, sleek charcoal body teamed with a black and grey cleaning unit Braun brings us an absolutely wonderful product, the Braun Series 9 9095CC electric shaver.



  • Syncrosonic motor running at speeds of 15000 to 18000 vibrations per minute.
  • Quadruple Blade System  you are not leaving any hair behind with this feature!
  • Works up to 3 day beard growth!
  • Flexible Shaving Head covering 5 different angles and a locking feature.
  • Automatic Cleaning Station that has 5 different settings to choose from.
  • Dry & Wet Shavings
  • 50 Minutes of Run-time For Shaving

Braun Series 9 9095 Features

Coupled with great aesthetics and high-performance capabilities, it is surely capable of attracting users and delivering on the promises made.

Equipped with many features, this device is capable of delivering that perfect shave every time you use it.

SyncroSonic Motor

Braun Series 9095cc runs on a syncrosonic motor and its blades vibrate 40,000 times per minute hence powered with immense speed.

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This is quite high compared to the other brands available which give 15,000 to 18,000 times per minute of vibration.

With this technology, the Braun Series 9 9095cc has the capability of reading the hair on your face and choosing the best mode available to achieve that perfect clean shave.

Quadruple Blade Shaving System

Intelligent SyncroSonic: This trademark technology enables the Braun Series 9095cc to create 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute for each shaver head with 40,000 cross-section cuts per minute in total. By analyzing the contours and also the density of your beard this technology helps in giving you that neat and close shave in a short span of time. The cross cut feature is also a main difference in the series 7 razor model and why the 9 is an upgrade to it.
Battery: A Li-ion battery with no memory effect, fully charged in 60 minutes and giving you 50 minutes of shaving continuously. Also aided with a quick charge feature, giving you the perfect shave in just 5 minutes.
Multi-Head Lock: Designed in such a way that you can lock its head at five different angles.

There are 4 special cutting elements present on the head of this electric shaver that work in complete synch to ensure the best shaving experience.

OptiFoil: When it comes to cutting elements, an optifoil is the most vital element which gives you those perfect close shaves. Covered with foil sheets these blades don’t come in direct contact with your skin thus, not only protecting you from cuts,it also helps you to easily follow the contours of your face.
Direct & Cut Trimmer: Hair grown in different directions is very difficult to cut, with this trimmer it is very easy for you to catch and clear the ones growing in various directions. A quick lift trimmer present on the top of the shaver itself.
Hyperlift & Cut Trimmer: To lift the flat lying hair, this system is top notch and works wonderfully. This trimmer is very sleek and capable of pulling more hair with its cross-cutting action.

Simple Maintenance & Cleaning Options

With five action cleaning and charging system, you can choose which cleaning mode you want to use with just a button press. The cleaner is intelligent enough to utilize only required quantities of cleansing packets thus using only that much as needed.

When you place the electric shaver in the cleaning station, it automatically cleans it, lubricates the workings and charges it to the maximum power. With its built-in fan this cleaning and charging station will in the end dry up your shaver very quickly. Giving you 100% hygienically cleaned and sterilized shave keeping all the harmful bacteria like staph.

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The Braun Series 9 9095cc shaver features a sleek, attractive design in dark grey and charcoal casing with grey and black cleaning unit. There is also a round power button and blue LCD indicator making the design more attractive and appealing.

The electric shaver is completely cordless and is smooth and comfortable at usage and operation. Even when it gets wet with soap or water, it does not easily drop in the sink.

Can be Used Anywhere

The Braun Series 9 9095cc can be used for dry as well as wet shaves. It can be used dry for a quick shave at any time as well as wet over a sink or in the shower. Foams, creams and gels are best suited for smooth shave, keeping the face looking great all through the day.

It is a perfect representation of modern technology that is very safe even ideal for sensitive skins and those who have coarse hair or a really thick beard.

A great product aided with all the latest technological advancements the 9095cc is a great razor to go for. This model ranks well above when compared to others in terms of technology or looks that are currently available in the market.

A very precise trimmer giving you really great final touches when working with your moustache or sideburns. A 100% waterproof device aided with a grip at the back, so that it doesn’t slips of your hand when held with wet hands.

Braun Series 9 9095cc Vs Braun Series 9 9295cc

Coming from the same series of Braun that is series 9 both come with a cleaning station thus the “cc” in their names. Both of them have very similar features but since the 9295cc is a Japanese version it comes at a higher price compared to 9095cc.

9295cc is designed for both wet and dry operations and it offers a completely flexible shaving system. Major difference both these models is in its appearance rather than their features. Like both come with a HyperLift& Cut trimmer with titanium coating.

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The 9095cc is blue and its newer model has a golden hue on the trimmer part. Apart from that 9295cc’s LED display can also display the hygiene status of your shaver.

Braun Series 9 9095cc Vs Braun Series 9 9290cc

All the products coming from the Braun Series 9 are very popular and much sought after. The Braun 9290cc is for both wet and dry shaves.

9290cc has titanium coated blades which is highly efficient for long and thick beards. Very attractive with a silver and black metal body it looks really elegant. With 4-separate cutting elements and one skin guard giving you that perfect and clean shave every time.

The only con of 9290cc is its big head compared to the Braun 9095cc which makes it difficult to use in the areas like under your nose. Apart from that if trying to clean it manually then cleaning it properly is a very tedious task.

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Braun Series 9 9095 Razor

The Braun Series 9 9095cc shaver does not cause any razor burn or discomfort after use. There is no sore, irritated, itchy skin according to reviews. This can be a big deal maker for most men.

The cleaning station would please you if you are interested in the idea of cleaning, conditioning and charging up with minimal effort.

Though there are dozens of electric shaver products available in the market today, Braun Series 9 is definitely one of the best buys.

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I put together various reviews on Electric Shavers out there so other men will have the information they need to purchase the one that is right for their needs. If you have any questions please contact me

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