Braun Series 7 vs. 9: Razor Review

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March 5, 2019
Braun 7 Vs 9 electric razor

With so many razor options available in the market, people get confused and find it hard to choose one. Two such options are Braun Series 7 and Series 9 electric razors.

If you are looking for the differences between both the electric shavers to purchase the one perfect for your shaving needs, we are here to help you figure that out!

Braun has been a market leader in providing electric shavers for men for years. It started with the Braun Series 3, which has progressed to 4 different series with loads of options to choose from!

Included in the range of shavers are the Series 3, Series 5, Series 7, and now the latest among the lot is the Series 9. The models coming under Series 9 are considered the finest form of art for electric shavers. So, let's get to it and see which series will work best for you.

Razor Models in Both Series

Braun Series 7 Razor Models:

  • Series 7 790cc
  • Series 7 760cc
  • Series 7 740cc
  • Series 7 40s
  • Series 7 720s

Braun Series 9 Razor Models:

  • Series 9 9290cc
  • Series 9 9293cc
  • Series 9 095cc
  • Series 9 9295cc

Electric Shaving Head Comparison

1 a: Series 7, one of the first foil shavers, is equipped with four shaving elements – two OptiFoils, a protective SkinGuard, and the ActiveLife trimmer. With a free-floating head, each cutting element can pivot independently.

1 b: Series 9 is differently structured apart from the shaving elements. It is also equipped with a Direct & Cut Trimmer, taking care of hair growing in all directions. Also, its ActiveLife trimmer is Titanium coated, greatly improving its performance.

All this can give you a really close shave compared to other previous models. The only con of having all these elements in one shaving head is that it gets bulky.

2 a. Series 7, like the popular 790cc, works in eight different directions, which implies that each of the cutting elements present can move left or right separately creating six different sets of movements.

2 b. Series 9 comes with a Contour FlexHead, capable of working in ten different directions: “MacroMotion” – direction of movement targeting the larger contours of the face and “MicroMotion” – direction of movement targeting the smaller contours of the face, every single element in the shaving head strides on its own via individual suspension. 

Series 7, pivot head can move up to 40 degrees in both directions.

Overall Comparison

When comparing wet and dry shaving options, not all Series 7 models support wet shaving, but when it comes to Series 9, you can use anything from gel to foam. Hence, it is ideal for both wet and dry shaves. 

The Series 7 model 7865cc supports wet shaving, which is the main reason behind its popularity. 

With Series 7, you can pick your speed, but Series 9 is not equipped with this option.

Braun 7 Vs 9 electric razor

Series 9 is definitely more modern and ergonomically more efficient. It is sleek and thin, whereas the Series 7 is a bit understated when it comes to looks.

Talking about cleaning stations, the Series 9 comes with great upgrades over existing cleaning and charging systems. Apart from cleaning, sanitizing, and lubricating, the Series 9 cleaning station is also equipped with a drying station.

Comparing the performance of both series, Series 9 models have the edge over Series 7 as they are efficient with coarse and thick beards. Its trimmer can take care of a month-long beard, and its shaving head can clear off the remaining facial hair with no irritation.

Series 9, like the 9095cc high-end model, has an LED display that not only notifies the battery status but also when to clean your razor. It also informs you whether the travel lock is on or off. Whereas Series 7 is not equipped with an LED screen but only an indicator informing you when to clean your shaver.

What Features Are Similar?

In terms of the technology used, both are very similar in various features:

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology – giving you 10,000 micro-vibrations from each shaver. Braun shavers are the only ones equipped with this technology.
  • Active Cooling System – when blades are working behind the foils, they can warm up. Hence, Braun shavers cool your skin while shaving; there is no need to worry about razor burn or irritation later on!
  • MicroComb – the trimmer which is very efficient for clearing flat hair.
  • AutoSense Technology
  • SkinGaurd
  • OptiFoil
  • Similar Lithium-ion batteries, a 50-minute run time when fully charged (in an hour)

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Braun Series 9 vs 7

Features Series 7 Series 9
Cleaning Station 4 Has 5 settings including a drying option that 7 does not have
No Shaving Elements 4 5 catching more hair
Speed Settings 5 Different Speeds Has on Speed Setting
Cuts Per Minute 30,000 40,000
Direction Head Flexes 8 10
Wed/Dry 7856 is Completely waterproof rest are dry All 100% waterproof down to 5 meters
LED Display Yes Yes and Battery Low Indicator

Which Is Better for You?

If you are already using Series 7, you don’t need to switch to Series 9 only because it’s a new and upgraded version. 

However, if you wish to treat yourself to an electric shaver fully loaded with the latest technological innovations and extremely efficient compared to other electric shavers of the time, opt for Braun Series 9 electric shavers.

With all the advanced features, the Series 9 is obviously an improvement over the previous Series 7, with increased cutting elements to its 10-D movement and the LED display - all that you need from an electric shaver!

Depending on what you currently own, this review will help you decide what you need next. Being priced a little higher, the Series 9 will not fit in everyone's budget as they do not have the option to just buy the shaver alone like you can with the Series 7.  

With Series 9, the cleaning station is always included, which drives the price up a bit more. If you want a cheaper option, read our Braun Series 7 790cc review.

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