Philips Norelco AT810 Powertouch Aquatec Electric Razor

Norelco AT810

So, you thought you could save money on buying an electric shaver like the Philips Norelco AT810 by using safety razors instead. But actually, nothing busts the budget faster than safety razors. The really cheap ones don’t work very well, and the decent ones cost an absolute fortune to replace the blades. Which, by the way, have to be replaced almost weekly.

Who needs that hassle? If you want a good shave without breaking the bank, the AT810 gets the job done at a very reasonable price.

Feature Summary Philips Norelco AT810 Rotary Shaver

The electric shavers from Philips are designed to give you the best shave for your investment. The Norelco AT810 powertouch features Super Lift & Cut technology, which helps to lift even the shortest stubble and cut for a close shave similar to that of a safety razor. The Dual Precision heads ensure that whether it’s short or long hairs, they are cut equally, swiftly and efficiently.

If you need to trim your mustache, beard or sideburns, the pop-up trimmer makes it easy. One other feature to consider is the flexing of the heads that follows the contour of your face for a close shave.

Don’t think that they’ve forgotten about convenience in this economy model, either. The Norelco AquaTec design ensures that you can shave wet or dry, and that cleanup is a snap. Just run the shaver under the faucet and you’re done. A single-LED indicator lets you know if the battery is charged or low.

You can plug it in for a full charge or use its quick-charge capability. A full charge will buy you 50 minutes of cordless use, making it an excellent choice for travel or camping. Maintenance is also easy, just clean as necessary and replace the head every 12 months.

Now guys with this type of rotary shaver you can definitely use this for a close shave on your bald head.  Of course you need to use a different set of clippers or razor like the head blade to get the initial cut going. After that though you can definitely use this to shave the stubble on your head too.

How Does The 810 Compare To Other Models

Since this is a middle-of-the-road model from Philips Norelco, you gain a few features that less-expensive models lack and lose a few options from higher-end shavers. The AT810 is the least-costly model to feature AquaTec, which is an important feature for wet shaving and easy cleanup.

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But more-expensive models like the SensoTouch series offer more capability and convenience attributes. If you have a hard time shaving your neck, for example, you might be better off investing more and selecting a shaver with GyroFlex technology. The higher-end products tend to feature more in convenience, so if you need a longer charge time or you want the shaver to clean itself, SensoTouch may be the series for you.

You may also consider the 830 below or look at our review on the 730 model here. It is a cheaper model and does not wet shave. It’s also called the shaver 3600 now as well in case you come across that name that may look like it’s a newer model.

Phillips Norelco at 830

The product has also been renamed to the Shaver 4500 recently but it is the old 830 replacement model and has the same style. It’s main feature difference is that you can do a wet shave with gel or foam. It still offers a great drive shave using the Flex & Float System to follow the shape of your face which cuts more hairs along the way.  It does have a pop up trimmer to trim your moustache and sideburns

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How Much Do The replacement Parts Cost

There are Philips Norelco HQ8 Replacement Heads provide a comfortable electric shave.  They only cost the price of a few good beers. Ok, maybe 3-4 beers depending where you are at. You can click on them below to purchase replacement blades for the at800 series. It’s great for long hair and stubble hair.  The best seller parts are below to click on.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers are pleased with the shave they get from the AT810 in relation to the investment they made. It works well as a shaver, an improvement over the expense and waste of safety razors with disposable blades.

There is some debate over the best way to get a really close shave from it. Some say that dry is fastest, while others say that the shaver does best when wet or using a shaving gel.

The battery life is universally praised, although a few people are disappointed that the AT810 cannot be used when plugged in. These are the people that really like the cord models and don’t like the battery type.  When compared to models that cost more, it falls short in accuracy and comfort. But in the end, the vast majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Where Can You Buy It?

If you want to stop wasting your money on safety razors but you’re not prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars on the top electric shavers, take a look at the Philips Norelco AT810. It’s inexpensive enough to be worth rolling the dice on decent cutting technology and great battery life. Click Here For Best Prices On Amazon for the AT810.